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Laur Elle Hate That You Love Me Review

by October 28, 2021

Laur Elle Hate That You Love Me Review

laur-elle-cdLaur Elle is a pop singer and songwriter native of Oklahoma, raised in Alberta, Canada, and ready to provide a healthy dose of escapism. Laur Elle is a daughter of a hockey coach; she was raised with the focus and precision of an athlete, eventually becoming an internationally competitive gymnast for the Canadian national team. After attending jam sessions and open mics, Laur Elle discovered that nothing in life made her happier than being in the creative community. Laur Elle acquired a desk job at a music school to become more ingrained with fellow artists, hoping to connect with like-minded thinkers, peers, and other music lovers — and she succeeded. Soon she found herself co-writing and working with producers; Laur Elle confirmed that music is more than a hobby. It is her calling. When capturing her ideas, she starts with her pen and her guitar. Her airy vocals, grounded lyrics, and lush sound create the perfect vehicle for escapism — a sound she calls music perfect for running (or, more appropriately, driving) away from problems.

About the Single

The singer-songwriter states, “I wrote ‘Hate That You Love Me’ after the worst breakup I’d ever experienced. I was in a bad place mentally and wanted to take the time to find myself again. But of course, as soon as I started to do that I met the most amazing person in the world and couldn’t stand the thought of losing them. I found myself flipping back and forth between doing everything I could to heal while in a new relationship, to feeling guilty for not being ready for one.”

Our Favorite Track

Laur Elle’s single, “Hate That You Love Me,” is an indie-pop song written by Laur Elle, Tatiana Zagorac, and Robbielaur-elle-1 Townsend. The song was produced and engineered by Father Bobby Townsend and mixed by James Rudder with mastering by Railtown Mastering. The accompanying video was directed and produced by Tatiana Zagorac. Laur Elle uses lyrics to process her own emotions, and because of that, writing has become her escape. “Hate That You Love Me” offers that same kind of solace for listeners. Her songs are a way for her to release her emotions — and if she can help anyone else do the same with her music, she’ll consider it a success. “I hate to admit it – I selfishly want you-To wait for a minute -So I don’t have to,” is an emotional section of lyrics that we all can relate to and feel.


In Conclusion

Laur Elle’s singing is relaxed and angelic. Her tone is consistent throughout her register and offers a warm girl next door appeal. The music is balanced and falls in the center of indie-pop with its production and sounds. This song illustrates what Laur Elle is capable of when her showy imagination comes alive. The more you listen to Laur Elle, the more you take delight from what is being presented.


Laur Elle


Hate That You Love Me


R&R / Warner Records

Release Date

October 22, 2021

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