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Elle King, Come Get Your Wife Review

by June 15, 2023

Elle King, Come Get Your Wife Review

The Country Queen Rises: Elle King’s Come Get Your Wife

Elle-King-CdElle King is no stranger to the world of music. The daughter of actor Rob Schneider and former model London King, Elle has carved out a unique niche in the industry with her genre-bending style and unapologetic lyrical honesty. Since her breakthrough single “Ex’s & Oh’s” in 2014, King has been a force in pop and rock, earning Grammy nominations and topping charts. However, her latest project, “Come Get Your Wife,” sees her taking a distinctive turn into the country music scene.

Released on January 27, 2023, Come Get Your Wife is King’s full-fledged country debut. The album’s title, drawn from an altercation during a game of pool, is emblematic of the bold and defiant spirit King brings to her music. The title serves as a rallying cry for individualism and authenticity, encapsulating King’s ethos of unapologetically being oneself, even if it means delving into a new genre of music because that is what your heart says to do.

Musically, the album is a 12-track collection that traverses the vast terrain of country music, each song offering a distinct flavor and narrative. Opening with “Ohio,” a nod to King’s roots, the album sets the tone for exploring personal history and a deep connection to one’s origins.

“Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home),” a collaboration with Miranda Lambert, stands out as an unrepentant celebration of living in the moment. The track’s rollicking energy and anthemic chorus showcase King’s ability to blend country’s storytelling tradition with pop’s catchy hooks, creating a song that’s at once familiar and fresh with King’s and Miranda Lambert’s distinct country styles, offering a delightful interplay of vocal textures.

“Worth A Shot,” featuring Dierks Bentley, offers a different sonic feel. Its introspectiveelle-king-1 lyrics and subdued instrumentation highlight the versatility of King’s musicality and her ability to traverse the spectrum of human emotions. The song is a testament to King’s keen understanding of country music’s ability to convey complex emotions through simple, heartfelt narratives.

The album is not without its quieter, more introspective moments. “Love Go By” closes the album on a poignant note, its melodic simplicity and lyrical depth serving as a fitting end to King’s country debut. It’s a stark reminder of King’s roots, her journey, and the various influences that have shaped her music.

King’s transition to country music feels natural and authentic. She treats the genre with respect and understanding, drawing from its rich history while infusing it with her unique style and perspective. She states, “This is what country is to me. And this is what makes me feel a certain way.” This sentiment echoes throughout the album, establishing King as a formidable presence in the country music scene. A powerful example of this is “Before You Love,” where King’s powerful country rock vocals strike a balance between rock’s grit and country’s sweetness to command attention.

Through the album’s journey, King’s vocal versatility becomes the standout ‘voice’ as it effortlessly navigates different country styles while maintaining the genre’s fundamental elements. Her voice, rich in timbre and expressively wide-ranging, is just one aspect that makes this album a compelling listen.

elle-king-2Come Get Your Wife is an excellent country music album and a statement of self-identity, a celebration of roots, and a collection of music that tells stories, evokes emotions, and challenge norms. Elle King’s foray into country music is triumphant, establishing her as a dynamic artist and vocalist unafraid to redefine boundaries and expectations. For fans old and new, Come Get Your Wife  is an album that resonates, entertains, and, most importantly, inspires.


Elle King


Come Get Your Wife


RCA Records

Release Date

January 27, 2023

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