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Sia, Reasonable Woman Review

by Amity HereweardMay 10, 2024

Sia, Reasonable Woman Review

Sia-cdAfter an eight-year hiatus, Sia Furler returns with her latest studio effort, Reasonable Woman. The album features collaborations with stars such as Kylie Minogue, Chaka Khan, Paris Hilton, and Labrinth, alongside producers like Jesse Shatkin and Greg Kurstin. Reasonable Woman offers a deep dive into the nuances of human emotions with well-penned lyrics and matching musical settings to form 15 tracks of pure sonic delight.

Reasonable Woman is a product of Sia’s rich experiences over her break, reflecting her journey through personal growth and the chaotic beauty of life events. The album interweaves soul and electronic music elements with her signature pop style, creating a dynamic soundscape that supports the album’s emotional depth. The collaborative tracks, such as “Immortal Queen” with Chaka Khan, “Incredible” with Labrinth, and “Champion” with Tierra Whack, Kalii & Jolliff highlight Sia’s ability to blend her distinctive vocals with those of her guests. On the other hand, tracks like “Little Wing” provide a more introspective look at Sia’s distinct vocal style, offering listeners a poignant narrative of personal reflection with her expressive vocal tones.

The album’s sound presentation is impressive, with rich, layered instrumentation complementing Sia’s dynamicSia-1 vocal delivery. The production, led by seasoned professionals like Greg Kurstin and Benny Blanco, is polished, providing a lush, immersive sonic experience. This meticulous production ensures that each song resonates on an emotional level and exemplifies high-quality sound design, enhancing the album’s overall impact.

The song craftsmanship of Reasonable Woman is truly a work of art, shining in tracks like “Dance Alone” and “I Forgive You.” These songs, with their infectious melodies and deeply poignant lyrics, delve into themes of independence, resilience, and the complexities of forgiveness. They not only stand out for their melodic appeal but also encapsulate the thematic essence of the album, celebrating personal growth amidst life’s trials. ‘Dance Alone’ also showcases the chemistry between Kylie Minogue and Sia, adding another layer of depth to the album’s narrative.

Sia’s ability to weave diverse musical styles and influences into a cohesive pop experience highlights her musical vision in the pop genre. Navigating through a spectrum of emotions, from the exuberance of “Gimme Love” to the introspective “Rock and Balloon,” the album takes listeners on a journey that mirrors the highs and lows of today’s many challenges. The thoughtful arrangement of tracks creates a compelling narrative flow, making the album not just a collection of songs but a story told through music.

Sia-2Reasonable Woman shows Sia is a detailed songwriter and performer. It is for anyone who values depth and craftsmanship in pop music, confirming Sia’s status as a leading figure in the genre. Sia Furler’s songwriting shows why she is a global pop icon, characterized by her unique voice and bold artistic choices. Reasonable Woman showcases her maturity as an artist and her unwavering ability to connect with listeners worldwide.

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