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Hannah Cutt, Dirty Enough For Hardcore Review

by November 28, 2023

Hannah Cutt, Dirty Enough For Hardcore Review

Hannah-Cutt-cdHannah Cutt, the emerging rock artist hailing from Los Angeles, has been making waves in the music industry, and her latest single, “Dirty Enough For Hardcore,” continues to showcase her talent and unique style.

Dirty Enough For Hardcore” is a hard-charging independent track that embodies the essence of Hannah Cutt’s musical journey. Produced by Sean Hurwitz and Gregg Cash, with songwriting credits to Cutt and Erik Kertes, the song brings together a fusion of rock, industrial, and electronica elements. Cutt’s band members, Lincoln Cleary on keys and Ronen Gordon on drums, contribute to the track’s dynamic sound.

Cutt’s own description of the song as “fun, cocky, and funny” is a testament to her self-assured and confident approach to her music. She draws inspiration from her tomboyish nature and sports background, presenting herself as a tough, no-nonsense frontwoman in the rock scene.

This single follows the success of her 2023 release, “Happy In Hell,” which reached an impressive #18 on the Mainstream/Active Rock chart. It’s worth noting that Cutt made her debut in 2019 with the rock EP, Nightmares, produced by Grammy-winning producer Scott Storch. This EP introduced her raw and edgy lyrical style and showcased her powerful vocals.

In 2022, Cutt released her debut full-length album, Stories of a King, also produced by Storch. The albumHannah-Cutt-2 included notable singles like “Win Or Die” and “I Want It Now,” contributing to her growing reputation in the music industry. Cutt has been making a significant impact with over 600K Spotify streams and recognition from various media outlets, including OUTBURN, All About The Rock, CelebMix, The New Nine, and BraveWords.

Dirty Enough For Hardcore” opens with electronic sounds and synths, quickly transitioning into a catchy rock guitar staccato chordal figure. Cutt’s vocals enter with a commanding presence, exuding energy, and a strong sense of attitude. Her vocal tone is full-bodied, delivering the lyrics with confidence.

The song maintains a seamless flow, with the chorus incorporating elements of electronica alongside the hard rock foundation. This blending of musical styles adds a layer of complexity and variety to the composition, keeping the listener engaged throughout. Cutt’s vocals remain consistently strong, showcasing her vocal prowess.

One minor critique from the listening session is the desire for Cutt’s voice to be more prominently featured in the mix. This suggestion highlights the potential for even greater impact and connection with the audience, as her vocal delivery is a strong asset.

The bridge of the song sees Cutt employing a spoken-word, almost rap-like approach, enhanced by an effect. This change in style adds an interesting dimension to the track, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Dirty Enough For Hardcore” serves as an excellent introduction to Hannah Cutt’s musical style and persona. Her ability to blend hard rock, industrial, and electronica elements demonstrates her versatility and potential to appeal to a wide range of music enthusiasts. Her confident and spirited vocal delivery, combined with the song’s dynamic composition, makes for a solid addition to her growing discography.

Hannah-Cutt-1With a background marked by honesty, self-discovery, and her journey toward sobriety, Cutt’s music is a reflection of her personal growth and resilience. Her career trajectory, from competitive horseback rider to a promising musician, is a testament to her unwavering determination and competitive spirit.

In summary, “Dirty Enough For Hardcore” showcases Hannah Cutt’s promising talent and ability to carve out a unique space in the Los Angeles music scene. It leaves listeners eager to explore more of her work and follow her evolving journey in the world of rock music.


Hannah Cutt


Dirty Enough For Hardcore


Dark Eyes

Release Date

November 15, 2023

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