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Lonesome Ace Stringband, Try To Make It Fly Review

by January 15, 2024

Lonesome Ace Stringband, Try To Make It Fly Review

The-Lonesome-Ace-Stringband-cdFor those who find refuge in bluegrass and folk, The Lonesome Ace Stringband has a new album, Try To Make It Fly, released on October 13, 2023. This album, adorned with the band’s signature roots-driven sound, weaves together the threads of tradition and modernity, crafting a tapestry rich in musical storytelling and artistry.

The Lonesome Ace Stringband is Chris Coole on banjo and vocals, Max Heineman on double bass and vocals, and John Showman on fiddle and vocals. The trio is known for their reverence for traditional bluegrass and folk while balancing injecting fresh, innovative elements into their music. This album is no exception as it sounds of the current musical era, where the revival of folk and bluegrass, especially among younger audiences, has become increasingly prominent.

The album’s thematic heart lies in “Sweeter Sound.” A melodic embodiment of perseverance and hope, eloquently expressed through the chorus line, “Try to make it better than the way we found.” The song’s composition — from Showman’s flowing fiddle to the blend of Americana in the vocal harmonies — this track will encourage further investigation into the album.

“Praying for Rain” is a poignant track rooted in Max’s personal experiences and environmental concerns andThe-Lonesome-Ace-Stringband-1 resonates with an urgent yet hopeful tone. The minor key melodies, complemented by Coole’s banjo and Showman’s fiddle, create an ambiance that mirrors the song’s narrative of anxiety and anticipation.

“Simply Going Sideways” is a well-written tune reflecting the global sentiment during the pandemic; this track captures the essence of introspection and uncertainty. The upbeat rhythm, highlighted by Coole’s banjo and Gross’s mandolin, creates an intriguing and emotionally rich contrast.

The instrumental pieces, particularly “Lonesome Ace #1,” showcase the band’s ability to convey stories and emotions purely through their string play. These compositions are light and display their musical finesse and deep understanding of bluegrass and folk traditions.

The album shines in its musicality. The intricate string play, the harmonized vocals, and rhythmic syncopation are standout elements. The production quality maintains a delicate balance, honoring the acoustic roots while embracing modern clarity and crispness.

The album, in its entirety, is a journey through various emotional landscapes. The track’s nostalgic, hopeful, and reflective tones create a rich, vibrant palette. Culturally, it speaks to themes of returning to roots, the balance of old and new, and the universal journey of self-discovery, making it particularly relevant in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Compared to contemporaries like the Infamous Stringdusters and Punch Brothers, The Lonesome Ace Stringband uniquely blends traditional and modern elements. This album, in particular, demonstrates their ability to honor bluegrass tradition while seamlessly incorporating their own sounds.

The-Lonesome-Ace-Stringband-2Try To Make It Fly is a collection of songs with a narrative woven with the threads of musical heritage, personal stories, and a deep connection to the roots. The Lonesome Ace Stringband has created a musical story that resonates with the current times, bridging the gap between the past and the present. This album is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the beauty and depth of bluegrass and folk music.



The Lonesome Ace Stringband


Try To Make It Fly



Release Date

October 13, 2023

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