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The Moore-McColl Jazz Society, Up and Gone Review

by March 25, 2024

The Moore-McColl Jazz Society, Up and Gone Review

The-Moore-McColl-Jazz-Society-CUR-CDThe Moore-McColl Jazz Society, emanating from the vibrant cultural tapestry of Atlanta, Georgia, is an ensemble that has captured the essence of jazz and blues with a modern twist. Comprised of Beth Moore and Chance McColl, this duo breathes life into the classic 1970s jazz organ/guitar combo, reimagining it with a contemporary flair. Their latest offering, Up and Gone, reflects their innovative spirit and profound musicality, bridging past and present in a seamless narrative of soul jazz sounds.

At the heart of The Moore-McColl Jazz Society’s sound is a deep reverence for the jazz greats, invoking the spirit of Groove Holmes and Boogaloo Joe Jones, yet the addition of a drum kit, upright bass, and a three-part horn section elevates their music to new heights. This ensemble not only pays homage to the rich legacy of jazz but also ventures boldly into genre-blurring territories, creating a sonic journey that is as eclectic as it is mesmerizing.

Chance McColl’s reflections on the duo’s origins and their collaborative journey underscore the serendipitous fusionThe-Moore-McColl-Jazz-Society-1 of talents that define their music. From their initial encounter to their decision to embark on a jazz project, the synergy between McColl and Moore is palpable, driven by a mutual passion for jazz and blues. Their collective energy and creativity have culminated in Up and Gone, an album that builds on their previous work, infusing ’70s funk influences with the duo’s unique voice and vision.

Recorded with the esteemed Joey Jones and mixed by the Atlanta legend Tom Tapley, Up and Gone is a rich tapestry of sound, showcasing the duo’s ability to blend diverse musical elements while maintaining a cohesive and compelling narrative. From the funk-laden grooves of the title track to the intimate acoustics of “Sunlit Flower (Against the Sky)”, the album traverses a wide emotional and musical spectrum, offering listeners a multi-faceted experience.

The album kicks off with “What’s Still Happening!!”, a vibrant homage to the ’70s that sets the tone for the journey ahead. The cover of Robin Trower’s “Somebody Calling” demonstrates the band’s willingness to explore other genres, incorporating modern effects to reinterpret the classic track with stirring jazz groove. The title song, “Up and Gone”, transports listeners with its cinematic feel, while “Sunlit Flower (Against the Sky)” offers a moment of introspection and beauty.

“Back to Atlanta” and “A Song for Vince” are notable for their heartfelt tributes and the exceptional solos that showcase the talents of the band’s members, particularly Randy Hunter on saxophone and Justin Powell on trumpet. The album concludes with “No Apology”, a track that perfectly encapsulates the band’s innovative approach to jazz, blending funky riffs with soulful vocals.

The-Moore-McColl-Jazz-Society-2Up and Gone is a fun and soulful collection of songs; it’s an immersive experience that invites listeners to explore the depths of jazz fusion and ’70s funk. The Moore-McColl Jazz Society has crafted an album that is a celebration of jazz and blues but also a bold statement of their artistic identity. Through their masterful blending of genres, innovative production, and heartfelt performances, Up and Gone is journey of possibilities of musical exploration and expression of today’s soul jazz.



The Moore-McColl Jazz Society


Up and Gone


Beth Moore: vocals, keys, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3 organ
Chance McColl: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Tim Aucoin: acoustic, electric bass
Joel Morris: drums, percussion
Randy Hunter: alto saxophone (No Apology and Sojourn in A Minor)
Caleb Lattimore: trumpet
Justin Powell: trumpet (No Apology)
Declan Ward: alto saxophone


Madison Records

Release Date

October 6, 2023

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