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Anne Wilson, REBEL Review

by Amity HereweardJuly 5, 2024

Anne Wilson, REBEL Review

by Amity Hereweard

Anne-Wilson-CUR-cdOn April 19, 2024, Anne Wilson unveiled her sophomore album, REBEL, under Sparrow and Capitol CMG. This release presents a bold fusion of Country and Christian music, highlighting Wilson’s artistic evolution and bridging the heartfelt faith-based country and Christian soundscapes.

REBEL is encapsulated in 16 tracks that intertwine the earthy, gritty country elements with Christian music’s soulful, introspective, grand nature. This dichotomy is the essence of where Wilson stands in her burgeoning career. The album showcases her ability to traverse the expansive country genre while infusing it with faith-based narratives, creating a unique and resonant listening experience.

The album features traditional country instrumentation, with arrangements that cater to both country and Christian music audiences. Although specific production details were not provided, Wilson’s history of high-quality productions suggests that REBEL maintains high production values, ensuring a polished and immersive listening experience.

The title track, “REBEL,” opens the journey with its energetic country vibe, building from acoustic guitars to a full,Anne-Wilson-1 modern country sound that captures the spirit of rebellion and faith. “Strong” exemplifies the perfect blend of contemporary Christian and country music, with harmonious chords and a band that delivers a distinctly country feel. “Praying Woman,” featuring Lainey Wilson, channels the classic country gospel feel with Anne’s timbre and vibrato reminiscent of Dolly Parton. The song’s big backing vocals, full electric guitars, and dynamic transitions create an emotionally powerful track.

The album’s blend of Country and Christian music allows it to engage with diverse audiences, sparking a dialogue about spirituality and everyday life. Tracks like “Songs About Whiskey” and “Sinner’s Prayer” demonstrate Wilson’s ability to transcend typical worship songs, offering edgier, more relatable content that will surely intrigue and engage the listener. However, tracks like “3:16” and “The Cross” might come off as predictable, lacking the emotional depth of other songs on the album.

REBEL takes listeners on an emotional journey mirroring Wilson’s personal experiences and spiritual convictions. “Strong” stands out as a testament to this emotional depth, with lyrics that speak to resilience and faith. The song’s verses and chorus illustrate a heartfelt struggle and reliance on spiritual strength, making it a powerful anthem for overcoming adversity.

REBEL is a bold genre-blending endeavor, showcasing Wilson’s personal themes and artistic growth. Its blend of country, gospel, and bluegrass influences positions it as a significant contribution to both genres, and it also highlights the potential for future cross-genre collaborations, which will surely excite and give hope to the audience.

REBEL shows Wilson’s talent and unwavering devotion through a captivating journey of faith, resilience, and the Southern soul. While some tracks might be more challenging for secular listeners, songs like “Red Flag,” “Southern Gospel,” and “Rain in the Rearview” provide enough secular appeal to find their way onto diverse playlists, celebrated for their uplifting positivity.

Anne-Wilson-2Best experienced in a reflective setting, REBEL will appeal to fans of country and Christian music genres. The album’s emotional depth and genre-blending qualities make it a compelling listen for those seeking heartfelt and spiritually resonant music.



Anne Wilson




Sparrow and Capitol CMG

Release Date

April 19, 2024

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