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Abby Sage, Milk Review

by November 1, 2023

Abby Sage, Milk Review

Abby Sage’s Milk: A Nostalgic Reverie of Dreamy Chaos

Abby-Sage-CUR-cdLet’s explore the evocative enigma that is Abby Sage—a siren in the alt/pop scene, calling us to listen more closely, to feel more deeply. Her trajectory, thus far adorned with the soul-stirring gems that were her earlier EPs, Fears Of Yours & Mine and The Florist, has been a crescendo of musical artistry and emotional resonance. Now, Abby sails into a new phase of her musical voyage with her latest single, “Milk.” This track is a tantalizing prelude, a poetic prologue to her debut full-length album set to unfurl its wings in Spring 2024.

The canvas of “Milk” is woven with ethereal threads of sound and emotion. The subtle strums of the guitar serve as delicate brush strokes, laying the groundwork for a vivid dreamscape. Abby’s layered vocals become the colors that fill this canvas, melding together like hues on a watercolor palette. They’re subtly interwoven with harmonies that are both heard and felt, transporting us to a realm that lives somewhere between memory and dream, a Narnia of nostalgia.

The craftsmen behind this auditory painting? Producers MyRiot, otherwise known as Roy Kerr and Tim Bran,Abby-Sage-2 whose previous collaborations have included nuanced artists like Halsey, London Grammar, and AURORA. With “Milk,” they’ve brewed a sonorous elixir that transcends the limiting walls of genre. Instead, they invite us to wander through a world where boundaries blur, where the lines between pop, indie, and the ethereal intersect and entangle.

But what sets Sage’s “Milk” apart is its narrative depth. When asked about the inspiration behind the track, Abby offers a window into a world that is simultaneously innocent and chaotic—a land led by children, untamed and authentic. Her song serves as a mirror to a documentary she’d watched, “Boys Alone” and “Girls Alone,” where children were left unattended, only to form alliances and descend into uninhibited mayhem. This juxtaposition of purity and pandemonium becomes a plea—almost a lullaby—asking someone to join her back in that untarnished world where “everything is dirty, unkempt, and undefined.”

Abby-Sage-1To immerse yourself in Sage’s “Milk” is to wade into a river of recollection, each note a ripple, each lyric a reflection. As the anticipation builds for her full-length album set to be released in Spring 2024, the resonances of this single will, undoubtedly, continue to stir our souls, serving as both a solace and a summons—to listen, to feel, to remember.

So, find a quiet space—perhaps in the soft glow of your favorite coffee shop or the intimate solitude of your room—and let the magic of “Milk” envelop you, gently pulling you into Abby Sage’s symphonic embrace. Then stay tuned, as I will, for the unfurling of her debut album. If “Milk” is any indication, we are poised on the edge of something truly transformative.


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Release Date

October 6, 2023

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